Custom Rules

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  • +1 for Fast Turns

To make the game go a bit faster, I’ll add +1 to attack rolls if you go quickly. Alternatively, we could do a d4, with a few possible effects, but that might slow things back down.

  • Recharging Player Powers

To prevent grindy battles, add a mechanism to recharge player powers. I’m thinking that once you use all of your powers, you roll a d6 each turn to see if you get one back. 6 means you get one back. Roll a d4, 4 means you get a daily, otherwise, encounter.

  • Faster Leveling

I’ll increase the xp granted by encounters by some scaling factor, so you gain levels faster, and can experience upper levels sooner.

  • Personalized Magic Items

Whenever you find/buy a magic item, it will have a name. No +1 flaming sword. Instead, its Phoenix Brand, Greatsword of Illidrys. Much cooler.

  • Permanent Wounds

Custom Rules

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