Derek's Campaign

Session 3

*Players: *

Ken as ? the Dragonborn Paladin
Ben as Daelon the Bard
Kyri as Nibash the Halfling Barbarian
Dan as ? the Psion
Erika as Mordaz the Dragonborn Ranger

The characters begin on the other side of the bridge, recovering from a brutal battle with Thurg, the Orc battlerager. The characters finish the short march over to Tengwestie, and make their rounds through the town.

The lieutenant of the elf guard thanks the characters for the note, and asks what happened to his scout. The party tells him of the circumstances of their discovery, and the lieutenant is distraught. He asks them to look into the orc raiders in the camps north of the town.

A distraught elf in the tavern asks Daelon and the party to look for his lost daughter.

The bartender in the tavern tells them a dragon has been harassing caravans, and asks them to track it down and kill it.

He also tells them that the druid nearby has been ranting about a “place of power nearby”.

The party decides to help with the orc raiders first. They head north to one of the camps, and begin tracking the orcs from there. They eventually find a party of raiders, and attack them.

Skill Challenge – Tracking the Raiders

400 exp

Encounter 1
Encounter 1 – Raiders of the Last Camp

1276 exp

2 Spined Devils

2 Vinehorror Spellfiends

4 Orc Drudges

The characters attempt to pry the location of the camp out of the spine devil they capture at the end of the battle, but it pierces its throat with its own spines before revealing anything useful.



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