Derek's Campaign

Session 4


Ken as Hapshetsut the Dragonborn Paladin, and Brandot the Eladrin Wizard
Kyri as Bash Nekap the Halfling Barbarian
Dan as Adaka the Githzerai Psion

With the interrogation of the devil prematurely ended, the characters turn to look at their surroundings and successfully uncover enough clues to find the camp.

They notice that the group they just battled wasn’t carrying more than a day’s rations, so they must be less than a days march from the camp.

The devils indicate to the more studious in the group that this is bigger than orcish raids.

As the party tries to determine how to proceed, several notice that the vine horrors they just fought are rapidly decomposing, and spores and particles appear to be drifting away, like they’re returning home. Scared that it might give away their position, Brandot quickly burns the spores and other useful information in a fiery blast, completely eliminating any chance of tracing the spores.

Regardless, the party is able to make their way to a camp, and finds an imposing fortification at the main gate. Somehow, they detach themselves from the mystical rails guiding them around, and try the back entrance. After a quick scramble through the broken down parts of the wall, they lay waste to the camp. Thurg the Orc Battlerager from the bridge is apparently a lot less savage without the krenshars to back him up. He is quickly bloodied, and while his troops pour from the tents to help, he invokes the power of his devilish masters to summon a shambling mound. Meanwhile, the elf girl is able to magic missile a few of the weaker devils and orcs.

Kneebash was engulfed twice by the mound, and nearly died, but the party comes through and kills the mound. Again, spores and small flitting creatures emerge from its rapidly decomposing form. They drift towards the summoning circle that it emerged from, and appear to flow through some sort of portal, back to their devil masters.

After the battle, the party finds a ceremonial dagger and 90gp in Thurg’s tent.

Experience: 2056 total.
200xp for finding the camp

Legion Devils:
4 By thurg – 252
4 from tents – 252

8 Orc Drudges (about) – 352

Thurg the Orc Battlerager – 400

Shambling Mound – 600

XP to date: 8899. Level at 10000.

Session 3

*Players: *

Ken as ? the Dragonborn Paladin
Ben as Daelon the Bard
Kyri as Nibash the Halfling Barbarian
Dan as ? the Psion
Erika as Mordaz the Dragonborn Ranger

The characters begin on the other side of the bridge, recovering from a brutal battle with Thurg, the Orc battlerager. The characters finish the short march over to Tengwestie, and make their rounds through the town.

The lieutenant of the elf guard thanks the characters for the note, and asks what happened to his scout. The party tells him of the circumstances of their discovery, and the lieutenant is distraught. He asks them to look into the orc raiders in the camps north of the town.

A distraught elf in the tavern asks Daelon and the party to look for his lost daughter.

The bartender in the tavern tells them a dragon has been harassing caravans, and asks them to track it down and kill it.

He also tells them that the druid nearby has been ranting about a “place of power nearby”.

The party decides to help with the orc raiders first. They head north to one of the camps, and begin tracking the orcs from there. They eventually find a party of raiders, and attack them.

Skill Challenge – Tracking the Raiders

400 exp

Encounter 1
Encounter 1 – Raiders of the Last Camp

1276 exp

2 Spined Devils

2 Vinehorror Spellfiends

4 Orc Drudges

The characters attempt to pry the location of the camp out of the spine devil they capture at the end of the battle, but it pierces its throat with its own spines before revealing anything useful.

Session 2

*Players: *

  • Ken as Brandot the Wizard and Turgod the Warden/Swordmage/?
  • Ben as Daelon the Bard
  • Mina as Sorrow the Sorceror

The session starts off in the Orc Chieftain’s room from the previous session. Daelon conveniently notices a note tucked into the Chieftain’s body:

Grom –
Torture the elf you captured from Tengwestie, and find out what he knows about The Master and his plans.

After he’s told you everything, kill him.

- Thurg

The party goes back to the other room to inspect the body, but finds nothing notable. Daelon is unwilling to let the body rot in this place, so the party carries the body back to town for a proper burial. (100 exp to Daelon for roleplaying, and also, exploding my concept of how this session would run).

As they approach the town, a crowd gathers to see what has happened. Among the crowd is the innkeeper, who tells the party to check his boots, which have a secret compartment. The party finds an encoded note with the seal of the nearby elf village. After burying the body, they get directions to the elf village, which is about 2 days journey east, across the river, and then rest for the night.

Setting off at dawn, the first day of travel passes without any trouble. Soon after camping for the first night, the party is set upon by orcs and their skull-faced krenshar beasts.

Encounter 1 – Krenshars in the Kamp
876 exp

2 Krenshar Blood Slayer

2 Orc Raider

4 Orc Drudges

The party makes quick work of all but one krenshar, who runs away while still on fire, and goes back to a restless sleep.

In the morning, they set out again, and reach the bridge, about 50 ft long, and 20 ft across.

Encounter 2 – Ambush on the Bridge
1476 exp

1 Orc Bloodrager

2 Krenshar

1 Krenshar Blood Slayer

4 Orc Drudges

1 Orc Raider

Nearly out of the orc-infested lands to the west of the river, the orcs make a last ditch effort to stop them. Led by a huge Orc Bloodrager, both sides of the bridge are blocked off. The krenshars daze and terrify many of the group. Several orcs are knocked off the bridge, and the krenshars soon fall, but the big bruiser is still up. Soon, Sorrow is down for the count, and Brandot is bleeding pretty bad, but Daelon knocks the beast into the swift river. Unable to swim, he floats away cursing the party.

Total Exp for the Session:
2352 total

For the delve (I can’t remember if we included this yet):
2815 total

First Session

Ken DM’d this one, with Mina, Erika, Dan, Ben, and Derek in attendance. Absent – Kyri

Dungeon delve – level 3 – “Orc Stronghold” Mostly a walk, especially due to Bill Clinton’s liberal granting of temp hitpoints.


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